WHAT: A Night for the Buffalo

Marking over 20 yrs of front line action for the wild buffalo, the 2018 Buffalo Field Campaign Roadshow is coming to the Bay Area.

When: Saturday, Sept. 29, 7 pm

Where:  the Ecology Center, 2530 San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley 

Buffalo Field Campaign co-founder Mike Mease will bring captivating stories and striking film footage direct from the land of the buffalo, with music by flutist Mignon Geli and songs of the buffalo by Karaj.

The Buffalo Field Campaign works to end the slaughter and harassment of the last wild herds of buffalo in their native habitat in West Yellowstone, Montana.

BFC uses video documentation, non-violent direct action, education and lobbying to change archaic laws targeting buffalo. Volunteers from around the world spend every day, sunrise to sunset, monitoring, documenting and running patrols on skis, snowshoes and other means to defend buffalo as they migrate in their traditional winter habitat.

They have new stories every time they come to the Bay Area, so come out on Sept. 29 for a very special event.

Donations at the door, NOTAFLOF.  Wheelchair accessible.  
Info: bach [at] headwaterspreserve.orgbuffalofieldcampaign.org
or 510-548-3113


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