Warbler sat in this pine tree for 2 months.

Warbler sat in this pine tree for 2 months.

Take a Stand for the Wetlands on Oct.12

with the brave people who have been sitting in trees, climbing cranes, stopping trucks and blockading heavy equipment to protest the Caltrans Bypass

Join us  in Willits in Mendocino County on Sat., October 12 to stand with the activists in this northcoast community against destruction of forests, wetlands and rivers by Caltrans big highway projects.There are alternatives! It’s not too late!Healing Ceremony and Peaceful Civil DisobdienceStarting at 12 noon the program will commence with music, speakers to include Willits tree-sitter Warbler, Headwaters tree-sitter Julia Butterfly Hill, activists representing the campaign for Richardson Grove and the Smith River preservation, an oak planting workshop with Cynthia Jeavons and much more.

Full details will go out within a few days, but save the date!
Come together with those fighting for Little Lake Valley, and for the redwoods, wild rivers, salmon and wetlands.


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