><::><::><::><::><::><::><::>< PACIFIC LUMBER BANKRUPTCY UPDATE from the Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters April 10, 2008 ><::><::><::><::><::><::><::>< update for Pacific Lumber watchers and redwood fans-- This is a big week for the Pacific Lumber bankruptcy case in court in Corpus Christi, Texas. A hearing (actually a confirmation trial) has been going on since Tuesday following voting on various corporate reorganization proposals by the company's creditors. Below are articles from Humboldt papers from the last couple days. (Apologies--the hot links function is not working on the webmail I am sending this from, so paste into your browser.) ***We will send out a wrap up and news of outcomes next week.*** Attorneys for Mendocino Redwood Company start testimony to resolve PALCO bankruptcy: http://eurekareporter.com/article/080408-attorneys-for-mendocino-redwood-company Mendocino Redwood on the stand in Palco case: http://www.times-standard.com/ci_8874138 : Lawyers scrutinize MRC in PALCO bankruptcy: http://eurekareporter.com/article/080409-lawyers-scrutinize-mrc-in-palco-bankruptcy And for those who really want to steep in the details, you can listen to reports directly from courts by the Community Forestry Team's David Simpson on KMUD's news (availabile in mp3) at http://kmud.org/site001/program-schedule/302.html STAY TUNED...

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