Judi at Federal Courthouse

May 24, 2015 is the 25th anniversary of the attack on Earth First! activists Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney by car bomb in Oakland in 1990 as Redwood Summer dawned.


The Judi Bari Day event at the Berkeley U-U Fellowship Hall (1924 Cedar at Bonita) will feature special guest performer LAURIE LEWIS, legendary songwriter, fiddler and vocalist.


Doors  7 PM; the program begins at 7:30


After comments and updates by musician and film-maker DARRYL CHERNEY and others, the documentary film “WHO BOMBED JUDI BARI?” will be screened.
Karen Pickett will host the program, and facilitate a Q & A session after the film.

Earlier in the day on May 24, people will gather to mark the moment and place where the bomb blew up. The location is across from the intersection of E. 33rd and Park Blvd, in front of Oakland High. Gather 11:30 am—12:30 (the explosion was close to 12 noon). Bring signs, songs, drums for a speak out and commemoration.




A bomb planted in a car exploded in Oakland on May 24, 1990, injuring EF! activists Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney. Judi was nearly killed. The FBI & OPD called the pair bomb-carrying terrorists, & proceeded to smear them and Earth First! as the Redwood Summer campaign was kicked off. The activists sued the FBI & Oakland Police for violation of Constitutional rights, and 12 years later, won an unprecedented victory against the FBI and OPD. Judi died of breast cancer in 1997. The bomber was never found, but the investigation continues TO THIS DAY.

Info: bach@HeadwatersPreserve.org or 510-548-3113

Sponsored by the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian-Universalists, the Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters and Earth First!


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