Update from the Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters

As readers of these posts know, a Caltrans project related to the Richardson Grove highway project (on hold for the moment) through what we believe are Caltrans’ ultimate goals (an I-5 size highway up the coast) is starting up in Willits. On the start-up date for the Willits Bypass project through sensitive wetlands and significant oak woodlands, Earth First! and local activists turned out to oppose the project in a successful rally on the site. A tree-sit was launched, and as a result, Caltrans did not work all of last week, after the planned start up on Jan. 28.

Today, Feb. 4, Warbler, the 24-year old woman perched 55 ft. up in a tree marked for cutting in the project area began her second week. Warbler is a local resident who works on a local Willits valley farm. The tree-sit is about 2.5 miles south of Willits on Hwy. 101, and is joined by a daily presence of support people holding signs calling to “Stop the Caltrans Bypass” next to the highway. We got the report that Caltrans is not on site working today. When asked last Friday (2-1) about the start up date of Jan. 28, Caltrans project manager Mauricio Serano (707-502-7628) said that Caltrans was meeting at that very time and had not decided anything yet.

There has been local coverage on Humboldt’s KMUD radio, and

the Willits News – Willits bypass construction draws protest

Anderson Valley Advertiser – The Warbler & The Willits Bypass

Earth First! News – Treesit in California Against CalTrans Bypass

A website has been put up at http://www.savelittlelakevalley.org/

Stay tuned! This timely protest is unfolding on a daily basis. You can email or call us if you’d like to go up and support people and stand in opposition to Caltrans’ boondoggle and destructive project. We will provide directions and phone numbers.

Stop Caltrans–An Agency Out of Control!

One Demand for the Old Growth Redwoods of Richardson Grove: Cancel the Caltrans Plan!

Over $210 Million for a Highway Through Wetlands? Stop the Caltrans Willits Bypass!


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