***SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, June 22***

We are planning to converge on Sacramento to STAND UP for the redwoods in Richardson Grove State Park on Wednesday, June 22. Plans are in the works and more details will emerge soon, but we will be joining with forest activists from Humboldt and Mendocino counties to:

**RALLY at Caltrans and voice opposition to their highway “realignment” project through the redwoods

**MEET with Agency and Legislative reps

**DELIVER a large number of postcards and petitions to Governor Jerry Brown, who has the power to rescind this ecologically destructive, ill-advised and UNECESSARY project through a protected State Park that has some of the few towering ancient redwoods left.
(Great background on the Campaign to Save Richardson Grove can be found at www.wildcalifornia.org, and Save Richardson Grove.

Please put the date on your calendar and watch this space, or contact us here in the Bay Area. You can also help the great coalition effort with specific skills. If you can:

*create artwork for signs and banners

*work on costumes and props: puppets, cardboard trees to wrap around people, species of the forest like owls and murrelets (or if you know of existing costumes and art that can be used!)

*help get the word out in the Bay Area

*get more of the beautiful postcards addressed to Jerry Brown signed so that we have a wheelbarrow full by June 22!

…or anything else, please contact Karen by email or phone (below). We want to hear from you!

Stay tuned and plan to take the trip with us! There will be car pools and Amtraking.


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